Sunday, February 26, 2017

a lovely morning

Over to friends property to pick tomatoes and plums followed by morning tea. A lovely idea, John went fishing, havent heard yet if he got any fish. Their orchard is covered so they dont have the problems we have with birds. I will be stewing and freezing plums tomorrow for morning breakfast fruit in the future. Just hope I have enough room in the freezer. So nice to get out and about on a beautiful morning. Thank you R and L.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daily stitch,

Today I added leaves.

Morning walk and my little rooster

We had a lovely walk this morning, cool and with a blustery wind on the cliffs and quite rough seas. I am only just manageing these walks at the moment which is annoying, a poor night last night didnt help. The little Japanese bantam is gorgeous, but terribly independent and whenever I put him in a coop or cage manages to get out and struts his stuff around the big hens. I just hope something doesnt get him as he roosts high, but in the open and I worry about hawks and owls. So nice to be cool and I have been out potting a few things up, but it is about to get hot again this coming week. I am still sewing but will have to put that in another post.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Odds and ends.

Many many years ago I was given a pip of a Jack Humm crab apple, I planted it and it grew, it must have been a good 30 years agoago, it wasn't planted in the best place in the orchard and I doubted if it would come true. I am not sure if it is a true Jack Humm butfinally this year it has had fruit, much larger than my other crab apples. I have done another orange flower, next more leaves. I have been to have my feet done today, always nice to have them looked at, an exercise to do. No foot no horse, or in this case, human.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another orange flower

My daily stitch.

Bit of this and that

I made a fabric ball for Lachlan and dropped it in this morning, had a cuddle and then we walked, got a little damp from the drizzle, a few things from around the garden, a blue agapanthus, a belladonna lily, a lovely day lily, bright orange and deep red gorgeous, our walk, a wattle by the track that is out and was perfuming the air around, the Bluff in the distance with low wet clouds. After all that horrible wind yesterday it was lovely to have a still day and not much but a little drizzle to dampen things up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Two more days of my daily stitch.

Absolutely hideous day, howling winds, no rain and dust blowing. No walk as I think we would have been blown over.My wonky eyes don't like dust in them. I have been sewing and doing some of my embroidery. Put in the red herringbone stitch and then the blue detached chain. I have also played with making a fabric ball. Not finished yet. I do wish this wretched weather meant some rain but it doesn't. I suppose it's not stinking hot, yet. I drove up to Adelaide and back yesterday,delivered some eggs and friend P gave me a sandwich and tea and drove home again. I called into our local nursery and spent my egg money on a grevillea moonlight that I have been looking for, nearly didn't call in but I needed to stretch my legs and it is a lovely nursery. I hate wind it is so damaging.