Thursday, September 29, 2016

An interesting few hours

The power in most of the state went out a bit before 4 pm yesterday and we regained it around 3 am, Candles and food done on the bbq wet and windy, about another 30 ml of rain and the creek came up again, glad we are on the high side, a big tree down in one of the paddocks. We went for a very quick walk along the cliffs near Petrels Cove and was rather horrified at the number of slips along the cliffs. We went early and were not away for long as the showers are set to increase and so is the wind. Amazing that 22 huge power poles can blow over and put the whole state into darkness. People caught in lifts, in car parks, no petrol, railway station shut down. They seem to think renewable power is the way to go, great when the wind farms are shut down due to high winds and big towers that some how can survive cyclones in Queensland cant here. I know they say it was a mini tornado but honestly. Look at coal powered power stations using new clean technology, not what we are being subjected to now. Sorry rant over, I am just glad we have finished milking, 400 cows not milked would have been a nightmare. Oh yes and in the midst of that we had a very nice Welsh A filly foal born, thank goodness before the power went off a and the mare cleaned and the foal drank while we could still see.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Around and about today.

A trip to Adelaide for hair cuts, see my sister and the accountant and home, boy these trips get more tiring. I have been going through the 2007 and 2008 blogs to find photos of the baby blankets I made then. I did an awful lot more then than I seem to fit in now. George always greets us when we get home from his favorite spot by the back door on the washing machine. We are due for some horrid weather about lunch time to morrow and Thursday between 15mm and 40mm of rain and what they are calling storm winds, which are apparently stronger than gale force winds, not looking forward to it so 2 photos of flowering pots that may get wrecked and the little nest the Grey fantasies have been building just outside the kitchen window in the camellia, I just hope it survives, I don't think they have laid any eggs yet. I love the fact that my tablet called them fantasies, but they are actually grey fantails.

Monday, September 26, 2016

My wet garden this morning.

No walk today, John had a long morning meeting and I needed to get washing done and generally get the house in order. Just as I was about to get the towels on the line, ( the sheets were already there) the heavens opened and it poured. Now the sun is out, it's blowing half a gale and I do have the sheets in. If I am lucky the towels will be dry enough in an hour to go on the clothes horse in the sun room, and perhaps we will get so sun tomorrow. It is Adelaide again tomorrow for hair cuts, no rest for the wicked. Then the weather for cast is for lots more rain in Wednesday and Thursday. This is becoming a bit of a worry for those people who have been experiencing flooding in the past week. I had to do detours in the hills last week when I was going up to Cherry gardens, a loyal of trees down and slips on the side of the roads. Scary stuff, just glad I am not doing that route this week. So far this month we have had just over 6 inches and the month hasn't finished yet.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Back to walking

We had a lovely walk this morning on the cliff top from Kings Beach car park. Although I had a sleepless night and was feeling the after affects of the last four days it was still glorious. Small birds darting around, frogs croaking and the odd flying beetle that I didnt recognise. I have felt as if a steam roller has gone over me for most of the day, but I have done some important jobs like washing some clothes, general clean up, watered my indoor pots, done a small shop and gone over to Tabby to see the lovely black cob stallion she bred and who has come home to her. I also collected a few fertile eggs as I have a black hen sitting. I am a bit worried that I have been a bit late getting these but time will tell.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My little bear is dressed

Our computers are on slow, so annoying as it was downloads we didn't really need that sent us over. I will probably not be blogging until the week end as I am doing a 4 day class in the hills, staying with P as it is a bit closer to get to where I am going.I have done classes with Mary (Hettmansperger) before and loved them. Just hope the aged arthritic body copes. Be back when I get home.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Around the garden

I took these to cheer me up, went to a funeral of a very dear friend this morning, there seem to be more and more funerals to go to, I suppose it is the age that we are.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

dendrobium orchids

Over the years I have collected quite a number of these orchids and their crosses, they mostly originate from Queensland and NSW here we mostly grow them under protection except for the big specious or rock lily, these are quite spectacular with some growing into huge plants. In summer they go under a big cedar tree and in winter on the front terrace next to the house. There are now some wonderful colours in the smaller varieties and a very strong perfume. Yesterday we went up to the show in Adelaide, I wasn't going to buy any more, but. . I don't often buy plants in flower but love a surprise when my small plants get to maturity. A lovely morning yesterday, saw a great exhibition of lino cuts over at Goolwa on the way home as well. Still damp, can't get in to weed the garden.