Tuesday, January 17, 2017

wonderful book arrived. Day 17 of stitch.

I have finally bought this wonderful book, I do a lot of hand stitching and have put off getting this book for ages, so glad I have it. Today's stitch is not very big, just a bit of filling. I have just come home from having my eyes tested, I can finally see, sort of, after drops in my eyes. I am on a list to have the cataract removed, not sure how long the wait is, at least a couple of months.

Day 16 of a stitch a day.

I forgot to post this yesterday. Too hot for me to think. I will post today's later.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Around the garden and day 15 of stitch.

John went fishing today, and came home with fish, thank goodness, they haven't had much luck lately, so pleased. I stayed home and made a huge pan of ratatouille as we had lots of zucchini and all the other ingredients. Now in the freezer, so useful in winter with chops. So a wander around the garden to see what was happening, we had about 12 mm of rain the other day and although it a bit of a mess there are some quite nice things happening. I spent most of the afternoon getting the backing onto the baby blanket and I have now tacked it in place. I'm almost there. Of course I was going to do lots more but somehow it didn't happen.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday morning doings

I went in to the farmers market early this morning, if I dont get in reasonably early a lot of the vegetables have gone. I also did my day 14 of my daily stitch early as I had a fair idea of what I wanted to do, finish off filling around the flower I did yesterday. Then we headed over to Pt Elliot and walked down the steps and around towards the surf club. I was surprised at how big a sea was running, and quite a strong breeze. It is nice to go somewhere a bit different. A tiny bit of rain, probably not enough to measure, and it has been pleasantly cool all day. Thank goodness as I had a dreadful night with hot and aching feet. I know my feet swell in the summer but I have a horrible suspicion that this maybe to do with my diabetes. Something else to ask my GP next time I see him. I have more or less finished the baby blanket, I just have to put the backing on, once I have cut it to size that shouldnt take too long. I have 6 days to finish it, although I probably wont see him until a day after he is born, I think it takes time and she will be a bit shaky after a caesarean.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Morning rain and some bits of stitch

We had about 12 mm of rain this morning, very quiet and steady, not as much as some but enough to fill the tanks and keep the garden happy. Now the sun is out again and it is quite hot. My day 13 of my daily stitch has been done, just another flower outline. I have also finally got Rob the deer up on the wall. As John put him up he quietly said that he had always wanted a mounted head but this one was better. January is getting busy in and around our town. The big Rotary Art show begins this evening, we will go in in the next day or so, then next week we have a finish in the town for the big cycle race, The tour down under which is always fun. I think they go past the end of the valley so we will probably go and watch them flash past. Summer, with all the things that happen is here.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stitch, day 11 and 12 (I think.)

I couldn't post yesterday's stitch post as we were having computer problems, so here we go. Yesterday there were some filler stitches and today some cross stitch. Very hot today and muggy, I really hate this weather, doing things as I can.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another glorious walk along the cliffs this morning

We met two cyclists and a couple of walkers, one with a dog. I walk slowly these days so I get over takebn easily but at least I am walking. I had to laugh as Sarah had a run in with neighbours, who we dont know who ajoin one of our back paddocks where the mares are at the moment. She was horrified to see four adults and two small children, in our paddock, surrounded by the mares and they seemed to be feeding them something. We dont feed carrots as I think they are dangerous, ponies easily choke on large pieces of carrot not to mention the fact that a/ they were trespassing, hadnt rung to ask permission and b/ some one could very easily been kicked and no doubt we would have been blamed. Some how city people dont seem to get it. To top it off she was asked what fly with green on it might be as it had bitten a friend, suggested a march fly, oh no couldnt have been that it wasnt March. Horrors.