Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Busy few days

Phyllis funeral or rather her remembrance on Monday was lovely. She was 103 but had touched so many people in that long life. We were so glad we could come up as we have known her since our skiing days, nearly 50 years. A life well lived that perhaps went on a little too long. Yesterday we went by train to Brisbane, much easier than fighting the traffic and finding a park and saw some lovely exhibitions at the art gallery and the state library. The one at the library of the decorated possum skin cloaks was brilliant. I bought a book from a past exhibition of aboriginal textiles, on special and it is brilliant. I can't go past a gallery bookshop without buying something. This morning J has gone to work and we are resting, I was pleased I managed to last the last two busy days, three if you count getting up here. The weather so far is lovely, a far cry from a fire and layers of clothes. The jackeranda is out,palms wherever you look. Heaven.

Monday, October 24, 2016


A quick post, we are up here on the Gold Coast for a funeral. Arrived last night, tired after a week end of family.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Odds and ends

It has gone back to damp and cold. I had a wander around the garden and I am sorry but some how I ended up with 2 photos of my chickens. I think on this tablet I touch things I shouldn't. Any way there are three chick's from 10 eggs, not a brilliant average, just hope they are not all roosters. The last photo is of my second flowering of this orchid, I am quite proud that I have managed that.I found the rather nice iris in the strawberry bed. The large leaves are of our Gaura lily, which is a native of Queensland, I was hoping it would flower again but so far no sign of its enormous flower spike. The other photos are of just around the garden. I am expecting the family later, I think I need a good sleep but apart from making a green salad all is more or less ready. Just wish my aching back would behave. Hope everyone has a great week end.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Busy day

I can hardly move. We walked this morning, lovely before the nasty hot northerly got up. I have some of the family for dinner tomorrow night so I have cooked today, as well as tidy up. I made a smoked salmon impossible pie and a lasagna. I dont do this sort of cooking very often and all that standing has sent my back in to a spasm. I am not a happy chappy. There will be 9 for dinner tomorrow night. Then we are off at midday on Sunday to Queensland for the funeral. I am not ready for that either. I have to get my head around clothes for warmer weather, the suitcase is down but that is as far as I have got, maybe Saturday. I just hope I dont fall in a heap tomorrow, although only a green salad to do and a self saucing chocolate pudding because they love it and I can do it after I shop tomorrow and then re heat. Although a wizz around with a duster will be in order and with any luck John will do the vacuuming. I think we have become rather wimpy and old!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We finally had a walk this morning, it has been very wet and I am still hoping that eventually we will have some sun. Those huge clouds turned into a thunderstorm this afternoon. Yesterday we heard that a very dear friend had died on sunday on the Gold Coast so this morning was spent trying to find flights to get up there on sunday, no funeral date yet but we assume Monday or Tuesday. We will be up there for a week staying with j, no point in not staying for a few days but unfortunately death doesnt give you much warning. Our oldest son and his wife are also coming over from Melbourne for the week end but at least we will see them for a couple of days. Now I have to work out what clothes I have for a warmer climate, here one would think it was still July, jumpers and warm pants and I have no idea if I can still fit into anything, the waist line seems to have expanded. so much to do and not much time to do it in. OH and out of the 10 eggs under the broody hen so far I have 1 chicken, probably male!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wet and cold again.

The weather has gone from quite warm and terribly windy to cold and wet again, over 14 mm since early this morning and probably more to come. The fire has just been lit again, this is mid October for goodness sake. The crucifix orchid has been blooming under the verandah almost all year and the pots under the pergola are enjoying the rain, but the glory vine got a bit trashed by yesterday's wind. I am not feeling 100%, all that wind yesterday and my hay fever rather got to me, so staying in and catching up with things sounds like a good idea.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A walk this morning

We had a lovely warm walk along the beach this morning, just a bit of a breeze and blue sky. We came back on the bike/walking track where I took these photos, I think they are new notices. We did see one plover on the beach and an area a lot further u p with fence around it, so I suppose they may be nesting, although being school holidays and a lovely day there were a lot of dogs on the beach too. I had things burnt off me, at least they were burn off not cut out but the one on my forhead gave me a screaming head ache for a lot of the day. More reading and baby blanket embroidery. It is supposed to be very hot tomorrow and a strong wind so no fishing for John and then rain and cold again on Sunday. Typical spring weather I think.