Saturday, December 16, 2017


We called in to get some absolutely luscious cherries yesterday on our way to lunch, I dont think they will last until the Island some how. I am making another, the last I think, Christmas cake. It is heating up again. On the way home from lunch we took one of the back roads, I love the fact that perhaps I live in the town now but I can still access the roads I have known for years. This was on the way home from friend R who lives at Ashbourne. I dont get to see her nearly as often as I should, it was a lovely lunch.

Friday, December 15, 2017

A little bit of Christmas decorating.

All made by me, not all of them as I can't find them all. Loved making them. Today we went to Adelaide to deliver a few presents and caught up with my sister, friend P and lunch with dear friend R. Home now, tired. The last few days have been busy always the way pretty Christmas. No walks, other things have got in the way. One more cake and some biscuits to make.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Early morning walk on the cliffs

There was a lovely cool breeze this morning but it is heating up quickly now. Hotter again tomorrow. I am not good with heat. Must be an age thing I think. My feet swell and I am not at all comfortable in myself. I am making some Christmas cards and am half way through another cake. I should have got to it abit earlier I think. I have trouble getting motivated in this weather. I did manage to get the last of the washing done and most is now dry, the line wont take all of it in one day, a small rotary line which hangs over the tomatoes planted by the shed! Not sure why but at least with the water pressure the washing all gets done so much quicker than on the farm. I think it is almost time to turn on the airconditioner.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Morning walk on the cliffs

I have been having problems with my joints. Age is not much fun any more. As you can see things are drying off on the cliffs but it was a lovely walk, not hot, and reasonably even going. Not as long as I would have liked but at least I was out. I really wasnt with it today, forgot to boil the fruit etc on the cake I made today, just happily kept adding the ingredients. Had to just put it in the oven and hope. I think this will be our cake!! It looked ok but a bit lumpy. I am off for the day tomorrow to a class at Aldinga eco village hope my brain is in order for that. I spent a lot of the afternoon making some Christmas cards, nearly finished. I do wish my body would accept the new medication, I keep feeling so tired.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Not the best day.

I had every intention this morning of going for a walk, but I felt pretty rotten this morning g, a tally for a lot of the day. Friend W called in to see me which was lovely, she is working on a gorgeous bird quilt, or possibly a cushion cover. So all I could come up with was more pots. I am pleased my favorite bird bath is back with me. Pots and more pots. One more cake finished.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Been a bit busy.

We managed a walk this morning, then over to get a few pots from Tab and called in to the nursery on the way home home and bought a patio rose, they do well in pots and some white petunias. Home and potted them up and a few others and ran out of potting mix.I was going to make biscuits and a ake but got a it sidetracked organising my spice collection that had been in a box and got them where I can find them, John did some vacuuming so we are a bit organised, but tired. Cake and biscuits tomorrow, I hope! Sorry about the repeat photos.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Some little people have come out for an airing.

Going through boxes, a few dolls have come out to see the world. Some I was looking for but some so far have not been found. Oh and this very green fellow was on the front door this morning.